The Key Role of Telomerase in The Initiation and Treatment of Colon Cancer: New Advances and Prospects

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Shengjie Hao
Peirun Wu
Zhiyuan Xue
Zhidong Yang
Yufang Liu
Shiyu Chai


Telomeres are important regions for maintaining genome stability, and their dysfunction is closely related to the occurrence of colon cancer. This article reviews the recent progress in the study of telomeres and telomerase in colon cancer, and highlights the key role of telomerase in inducing telomere dysfunction and immortalization of cancer cells. Modulating telomerase activity has become a potential strategy to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, including immunotherapy, telomerase inhibitors and TERT gene targeted therapy, which provides prospects for the treatment of colon cancer. Finally, recommendations are made regarding the development of therapeutic strategies targeting telomerase.

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Hao, S., Wu, P., Xue, Z., Yang, Z., Liu, Y., & Chai, S. (2023). The Key Role of Telomerase in The Initiation and Treatment of Colon Cancer: New Advances and Prospects. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 2(10), 01230210001. Retrieved from


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