Author Guidelines

Manuscript Preparation

For a manuscript prepared to be submitted, all the following elements must be included:

(1) Title

(2) Author names

(3) Author organizations

(4) E-mail of corresponding author

(5) Abstract

(6) Keywords

(7) References

There no limits on the typesetting or format of manuscript, except that,

(1) all manuscripts should be prepared with Microsoft Word, manuscripts in non-*.doc/*.docx are considered invalid submissions;

(2) All formulas should be made using MathType;

(3) Non-English texts are not allowed in figures;

(4) All figures and tables should use an inline style, and no figures or tables should float or wrap around text;

(5) The journal does not offer any template file, the authors can prepare their manuscripts in a style they are familiar to.

Note that, although the language of publication of this journal is English, manuscripts written in non-English languages such as Chinese are also acceptable. The manuscripts can be written in English or non-English languages, such as Chinese.

If the manuscript is written in non-English language, after the manuscript is submitted to the manuscript tracking system, it will be processed with free document translation service by the editorial department. However, the author needs to be responsible for the accuracy and readability of the translated manuscript. In this situation, non-English texts are not allowed in figures.


Each manuscript should be submitted by one of its authors through the manuscript tracking system. However, if you have difficulties in accessing the manuscript tracking system, e-mail submissions to are also accepted.

Peer Review

All manuscripts are subject to anonymous peer review. Revisions may be required if a manuscript does not meet standards of academic excellence. The final decision of acceptance must be confirmed by the editors-in-chief.


The following procedures must be finished before a manuscript goes to its final stage of publication.

(1) Prepare and submit the finalized paper through the manuscript tracking system.

(2) Sign the copyright form.

After typesetting and proof reading, further proofs will be sent to the author(s) before it is finally published.

Article Processing Charges

As an open access journal, publishing an article in this journal requires an article processing charge (APC) that will be billed to the submitting author following acceptance. Apart from the basic article processing charge, there may be additional processing fees (for example submission charges, page charges, or color charges).
The basic article processing charge is determined per country/district. The additional processing fees are determined per article.