Applications of FAST Corner Detection in Kiwifruit Detection

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Kao Liu
Jinyan Li
Zhongwei, Liu
Wei Wu
Mingtao Pan
Hang Yang


 The traditional kiwifruit quality evaluation method mainly relies on artificial visual inspection, which has strong subjectivity, long detection time, low efficiency and wrong judgment. In order to solve the problem of low efficiency and poor accuracy of feature detection, this paper proposes a fast feature extraction method for kiwifruit fruit based on FAST feature point detection algorithm. Firstly, the kiwifruit image was grayscale processed, the original image was grayscale processed, the gray map was denoised by the median filter, and then the kiwifruit fruit in different backgrounds was detected by the control variable method, and the points of feature detection were visualized, and it was concluded that the kiwifruit features in different backgrounds could be quickly extracted by using this method.

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Liu, K., Li, J., Liu, Z., Wu, W., Pan, M., & Yang , H. (2024). Applications of FAST Corner Detection in Kiwifruit Detection. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 3(1), 01240301001. Retrieved from


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