The Design of Small Multi-Functional Tree Planting Machine Based on PID Controuer Main Control Drive System

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Lilong Xia
Dengqiu Ma
Junyi Chen
Zhenhuan Ye
Mengting Zhao
Cheng Ma


In order to improve the efficiency of tree planting and solve the problem of lack of automation and intelligence of tree planting machines at home and abroad, this design proposes a design scheme of multi-functional small tree planting machine based on intelligent control. Based on the kinematics analysis of the planting mechanism and the driving mechanism of the tree planting machine, a system scheme based on ' PID Controuer ' programming controller control is proposed. The mechanical device integrates the joint operation of drilling mechanism, seedling feeding mechanism, backfilling mechanism, irrigation mechanism, seedling storage mechanism and driving control mechanism, and can realize the tasks of drilling, seedling feeding, backfilling and irrigation. The experimental results show that the tree planting machine has the advantages of simple structure, functional integration and automation. The robot is used to replace the manpower, which greatly improves the efficiency and ensures higher accuracy, stability, safety and environmental adaptability.

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Xia , L., Ma , D., Chen , J., Ye , Z., Zhao , M., & Ma , C. (2024). The Design of Small Multi-Functional Tree Planting Machine Based on PID Controuer Main Control Drive System. Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Methods and Applications, 3(6), 01240306002. Retrieved from


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